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I had an unusual dream last night.  It was one of those dreams which seem so real.  I dreamed that I met my favourite teenage heart throb singer.  Not as impossible as it might seem.  I am mature-aged and in the last couple of years, met 3 of my favourite musicians in the last 2 years - at the local pub to me and had quite a chat with all of them.

Anyway, I met my heart throb - his name is John.  He is still a celebrity and successful performer here is Australia, and by co-incidence lives not far away from me (in real life), although I have not spoken to him since I was 12 years old.  In my dream, my heart throb told me that he loved me very much and wanted to be with me.  I spent some time with him.  I don't recall swapping telephone numbers, but every few months, he would call me and want to see me and spend time with me.  Even though I loved him very much, I knew that I could only see him when he contacted me, that I couldn't call him and that he would only appear in my life each couple of months, and likely to simply stop contacting me at some point I would not be able to predict.  I seemed to accept this although I felt sad about it.

One day, when I had been with him, I lost him in a crowd.  I became very confused and found myself at a large hospital.  I have worked doing nursing type work with an agency and wondered if I was at the hospital because I was supposed to be working there.  I went in and spoke with the nurses in the office.  It was very confusing.  I rang my employer to ask if I should be at the hospital. They said no.  I couldn't find my car and knew I was a long way from home.  I didn't have my heart throbs telephone number so couldn't ask him where he or my car was.

Now that I have written this down, I'm certain I know what I was telling myself.

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